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New Technology is here to save your Lakes, Ponds and Waterways

At Aquacleaner, our goal is the remediation of lakes, ponds and waterways, using new technology that offers “REAL RESULTS”. The machines and the methodology we use are capable of solving a variety of problems including invasive aquatic plants as well as accumulated organic sediment such as silt, muck, leaves, sticks and debris. These problems can hinder the use of waterways, making them less accessible in the short-term and potentially leading to their demise. Aquacleaner leads the field as an innovator of new DASH boats (Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting) and suction dredging machines that can reclaim and reverse years of mother natures' abuse.

Learn more about Aquacleaner, including our history and mission, review our extensive list of services, and then contact us about your waterfront restoration needs.


Aquacleaner Environmental

Leaders in the Field of Waterfront Restoration Technology

The Aquacleaner Waterfront Restoration System

Waterfront Restoration

Aquacleaner Environmental is on the leading edge of technology in the field of DASH boats (Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting) and suction dredging equipment. Suction harvesting with DASH Boats offers the best short and long-term solutions to controlling and eradicating the spread invasive vegetation. Dredging is no longer a nasty 8-letter word, but rather is a natural step in the restoration of any body of water. Lake Bottoms get soft and fill in through many means, which only helps further their demise.

Services Available

What are DASH Boats?

AquaCleaner Environmental is credited as the "Creators/Purveyors" of DASH Boats (Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting) almost 20 years ago. It's the only real source of suppression of invasive or overrun aquatic vegetation. A diver lays on the Lake/Ponds bottom and operates a nozzle to extract the plants and its associated rooting system.

Watch our suction harvesting (DASH boat) video on YouTube for more information.


Now Licensing Partners!

Aquacleaner Environmental is now licensing partners and territories throughout the United States. Contact Aquacleaner for more information.


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The Aquacleaner Waterfront Restoration System


Aquacleaner Environmental