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Aquacleaner - About Us, History & Mission Statement


About Aquacleaner

At Aquacleaner, our goal is the remediation of lakes, ponds and waterways, using new technology that offers “REAL RESULTS”. The machines and the methodology we use are capable of solving a variety of problems including invasive aquatic plants as well as accumulated organic sediment such as silt, muck, leaves, sticks and debris. These problems can hinder the use of waterways, making them less accessible in the short-term and potentially leading to their demise. Aquacleaner leads the field as an innovator of new suction harvesting and suction dredging machines that can reclaim and reverse years of mother natures' abuse.



Aquacleaner was formed in 1999 when it developed its first generation of D.A.S.H. (diver assisted suction harvesters) Boats designed to remove invasive Eurasian Milfoil from the Finger Lakes of NYS. These machines and the methodology for their use evolved through spending countless hours on the lakes bottom and developing the best techniques for the removal of these aquatic plants. As we began to complete an array of projects we saw the need and benefit for the removal of the bi-product of all these plants, ORGANIC SEDIMENT (silt, muck) and developed a new, low pact technique called Suction Dredging. The norm in the industry is large aggressive equipment that is a poor fit for the types of scenarios we encounter.

Ten years later Aquacleaner has solidified its spot in the waterfront restoration industry with countless successful projects of all sizes and scopes across the East Coast with a simple philosophy “We Don’t Leave Till Your Happy”. We are the only manufacturer of DASH Boats and Suction Dredge Equipment, we offer “full service support” and we have now begun licensing territories throughout the U.S.

Mission Statement

At Aquacleaner Environmental, our goal is to design, build and implement a new generation of machines that will aid in the reclamation of your Lakes, Ponds and Waterfront properties. We can remove problems that hinder the use of the your waterways, making them more healthy, while remaining conscious of our environment and the need to protect it. Regardless of the nature of each job, our equipment can restore your waterfront property to what it was years before all the debris filled it in. We surround ourselves with the best and brightest specialists in the waterfront restoration industry. Our staff all has personal experience and a passion for the water and the ecosystem it supports. Our equipment is based on fundamentally sound principals in keeping environmentally conscious. We perform various services and sell our equipment only after checking on all legal ramifications and procedures, always keeping in mind the delicate balance that exists between nature and man. - © Copyright 2023-Present